ZF1008 Stainless steel bulk meter ultrasonic watermeter body casting version

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Port: Ningbo/shanghai

Brand Name: ZHANFAN
Model Number: ZF-1008
Material: Stainless Steel 304
Size: (DN50~600)

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Technical standard
1. Working medium: Water
2. Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa
3. Working Temperature: 0℃<t≤90℃
Supply Ability: 10000Piece/Month


A new type of ultrasonic heat meter case comprises a case with a cover on the top; The bottom end of the case is provided with a bolt sleeve; The bottom end of the bolt sleeve is provided with a bolt hole and a wire outlet; One side of the bottom end of the case is provided with a wire hole; The inside of the case is provided with a movement shell; The bottom of the core shell is provided with a blocking bottom plate with a through hole; The bottom end of the bolt bushing is provided with an insulating bottom plate; The insulation base plate is provided with holes. The bottom end of the machine core shell is blocked by the bottom plate. After assembly, only a limited amount of glue can be fixed. The operation is more convenient and glue saving. The case and the table cover are tightly connected to each other and the size of the case is consistent with the size of the table cover, which can cover all the bolts, prevent damp aging, facilitate the later disassembly and maintenance, and improve the service life.


The working principle

of watermeter body

As ultrasonic waves propagate through a moving fluid, they carry information about the velocity of the fluid. Therefore, the received ultrasonic wave can detect the flow velocity of the fluid, which is converted into flow rate. Ultrasonic pulses travel through pipes from one sensor to another, like the boatman of a ferry crossing a river. When the gas is not flowing, the sound pulses travel in both directions at the same speed (speed of sound, C). If the gas in the pipe has a velocity of V (not equal to zero), the sound pulse will travel faster along the flow direction and slower against the flow direction. Thus, downstream transmission time Td will be shorter, while countercurrent transmission time Tu will be longer. When I say longer or shorter, I mean compared to the travel time when the gas is not flowing; According to the detection method, it can be divided into different types of ultrasonic flowmeters, such as propagation velocity difference method, Doppler method, beam migration method, noise method and correlation method. With the rapid development of integrated circuit technology in recent ten years, the initial acoustic flowmeter has been applied.

According to the principle of signal detection, ultrasonic flowmeter can be roughly divided into propagation velocity difference method (including: direct time difference method, time difference method, phase difference method, frequency difference method), beam migration method, Doppler method, correlation method, spatial filtering method and noise method. Among them, the principle and structure of the noise method is the simplest, easy to measure and carry, the price is cheap but the accuracy is low, suitable for use in the occasions where the accuracy of flow measurement is not high.



Product Description


Product Description


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