ZF8004 Stainless Steel Hydraulic ball valve with lever DN15~DN50 female thread Customer designed OEM

Short Description:

1. Working medium: Water
2. Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa
3. Working Temperature: -20℃<t≤150℃
4. Material: Stainless Steel 201/304
5. Thread: Female Thread,apply to ISO228 standard
6. Specification: DN15/20/25/32/40/50

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Product Description

Technical standard
1. Working medium: Water
2. Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa
3. Working Temperature: -20℃<t≤150℃
4. Material: Stainless Steel 201/304
5. Thread: Female Thread,apply to ISO228 standard
6. Specification: DN15/20/25/32/40/50

ball valve-6
ball valve-7
ball valve-7


  DN15 52.5 27 15
DN20 65 30 20
DM25 70.5 37.5 25
DN32 82 43 32
DN40 94 54 39
DN50 109 62.5 50



bal valve ball valve


Features of Stainless steel 304 2pc ball valve

1) Small flow resistance force, has same resistance coefficient with the pipe of same length Simple structure, Small size, low weight

Reliable & tight, widely use plastic material for ball vale’s sealing face, has good sealing performance, also widely used in vacuum systems

Easy to operation, enables a quick switch, only need 90°rotation to move from full open to full closed, convenient to remote control

Easy maintenance, simple structure, the mobile sealing face is convenient to remove and replace 

When fully open/closed, the sealing face of valve body & seat is fully isolated with the service fluid, has no erosion on the sealing face

The valve application scope Link Drive from small to several millimeters, a few meters in from the high pressure can be high vacuum applications

2) two-piece ball valve introduction :

①. Open and close without friction. This function completely solves the problem of traditional valves affecting the sealing due to mutual friction between the sealing surfaces.

②. Top loading structure. The valves installed on the pipeline can be directly inspected and repaired online, which can effectively reduce device shutdown and reduce costs.

③. Single valve seat design. Eliminates the problem that the medium in the valve cavity affects the safety of use due to abnormal pressure increase.

④. Low torque design. The valve stem with special structure design can be easily opened and closed with only a small handle.

⑤. Wedge-shaped sealing structure. The valve relies on the mechanical force provided by the valve stem to press the ball wedge onto the valve seat to seal, so that the sealing performance of the valve is not affected by the change of pipeline pressure, and the sealing performance is reliably guaranteed under various working conditions.

⑥. Self-cleaning structure of the sealing surface. When the ball tilts away from the valve seat, the fluid in the pipeline passes through the ball sealing surface at 360° uniformly, which not only eliminates the local washing of the valve seat by the high-speed fluid, but also washes away the accumulation on the sealing surface to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning .

3) The difference between a one-piece ball valve and a two-piece ball valve:

The working principle of a one-piece ball valve, that is, a wide type ball valve, is to make the valve unblocked or blocked by rotating the valve. The ball valve switch is light, small in size, can be made into a large diameter, reliable in sealing, simple in structure, easy to maintain, the sealing surface and the spherical surface are often closed, and it is not easy to be eroded by the medium, and it is widely used in various industries. Two-piece ball valve and gate valve are the same type of valve. The difference is that its closing part is a sphere. The sphere rotates around the center line of the valve body to achieve opening and closing. The ball valve is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline. The biggest difference between the two is that the valve body is different.

Packing& Delivery

                    1. Standard carton and clapboard packing

                    2. As customer's requirements


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