Stainless steel water meter body

The stainless steel water meter is hygienic and environmentally friendly, has no second pollution, is resistant to acid and alkali, will not produce corrosion and exudates at high and low temperatures, is safe and reliable, and meets food hygiene standards, with high accuracy, large range, and convenient digital display readings. The advantages of anti-interference, strong reliability, etc., are environmentally friendly and energy-saving new products.

Stainless steel water meter body


stainless steel Female thread dry-dial watermeter body is a measuring instrument used to measure the total volume of water flowing through tap water pipes, and is suitable for household and medical and food industries. The LXS type is a wet structure, and the dial is a digital plus pointer type (E type). LXLG type is a magnetic coupling drive dry structure, digital display, easy to read, high precision, not affected by water quality, and the dial is always clean and clear.


The interface of the water meter from DN15 to DN40 is the national standard threaded type, and the connection method is the joint nut connection, and the blue type can also be ordered according to customer requirements. It is widely used in the measurement of industrial water and domestic water.


1. Sturdy structure, strong resistance to impurities, low pressure loss and long service life;

2. Simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, time-saving and labor-saving;

3. It adopts the combined display of pointer and word wheel, which has the characteristics of clear and convenient digital display reading and small starting flow;

4. The direct transmission is not affected by the magnetic field, the transmission resistance is small, the operation is sensitive and reliable, the range is large, and the measurement accuracy is high;

5. The large-caliber water meter is detachable, and the measuring movement is easy to replace, with high accuracy, anti-interference and strong reliability;

6. The connection head part adopts national standard thread/flange connection

Post time: Jul-07-2021